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We are fortunate to be able to source some outstanding wines from smaller family-run wineries and are constantly taking delivery of new wines.

My team and I try all the wines that come into the store. Many of which come home with us to be tasted with a variety of meals (and friends!).

I’m lucky enough to be drinking something new almost every week, below are just two of my new favorites.

What’s Lori drinking?
2015 Picco Attila Chardonnay $14.79
2015 Ink Shed Petit Verdot Shiraz $14.79

2015 Picco Attila Chardonnay $14.79From northern Italy, this white is a rare blend of rich, international Chardonnay and aromatic Ribolla Gialla, a variety that thrives in vineyards between the Alps and the fertile lagoons north of the Adriatic Sea. Once a strategic stronghold for Atilla the Hun, today, it’s gaining an army of fans for its whites, like this one bursting with ripe apricot and peach flavors. Light oak aging adds subtle vanilla and spice notes to the full, luscious palate. A delicious partner for fresh seafood or creamy risottos.

2015 Ink Shed Petit Verdot Shiraz $14.79Bewitching aromas of black bramble berry greet the nose, supported by subtle clove, vanilla and violet. Splashes of Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat add extra depth and complexity to the powerful, dark-fruit core, while time in oak imparts toasty spice and a chocolaty tone to the smooth, silky finish. A delicious partner for pizza or barbecue.


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